Summer Adventure Camp

The Kids of Courage Summer Adventure Camp is a dream come true. Every day, sick children across the world dream about a chance to disconnect from their daily struggles, where they can experience freedom and adventure like every child. To many people, it seems like an impossible dream; to Kids of Courage, it is a reality.

Medical Care

Our state-of-the-art mobile hospital and experienced medical staff is there to answer the medical needs of every camper while away from home, even for campers with the most complicated conditions. The medical staff has many years of experience in a camp setting, like the superb logistical team, while counselors undergo rigorous medical training before being assigned to a camper.

Summer Adventure Facts

  • A nine day trip across the US, visiting top attractions.
  • Main flight is operated by a fully chartered Boeing 737, adapted for wheelchairs and oxygen.
  • Over 700 doses of medications are administered each day, including chemo-therapy for cancer patients.
  • 135+ campers with life threatening illnesses.
  • 200+ volunteers, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, therapists & counselors.
  • Free of charge for the children.


Kids of Courage cares about the entire family, not just about the sick child. These familes care for their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters every day without rest. This camp gives them an opportunity to relax and recuperate from the physically and emotionally exhausting lifestyles they lead.


We encourage new campers to fill out application forms as soon as possible since the application review period can take a while.


We accept new staff once every year, and the next round of interviews will take place in the Winter of 2016/2017. We accept staff based on their personal qualities, so every talented volunteer has a fair chance! Please sign up now, so we can reach out to you when we schedule interviews.

Do you need more information?

Please send an email to or call us at (516) 612-8844.

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