Welcome Campers & Parents

Welcome to Kids of Courage! This form is your first step in becoming part of the most adventurous family in the world. We need about 30 minutes of your time to complete the application form. We realize this form might be long, but please try to fill out as much as possible and applicable, so that we can expedite your application and (if you qualify) send you our special KOC Welcome Kit!

In case you have questions of any kind, please email us at or call Michele at our office (516) 612-8844.

Please note: although we’ll do everything to expedite the review of new camper applications, this process may take 6 to 8 weeks. Applications are sent out by invitation only. If you’re not on our system yet, please fill out the form below to be considered.

Do you need more information?

Please send an email to or call Michele at our office (516) 612-8844.


Acceptance is evaluated by our medical staff first. Every application is handled with utmost confidentiality.

The following criteria are generally used, but the medical staff may decide to deviate from these criteria:

  • Age (for new campers): under 18 years or treated in a pediatric ward.
  • Cognitively developed.
  • Suffering from a serious, life threatening condition, including: Familial Dysautonomia, Muscular Dystrophy, Nemaline Myopathy, Childhood Cancer, Seizure Disorder, Neurofibromatosis, Cerebral Palsy without mental retardation, Quadriplegia (also with complete paralysis and ventilator support), Paraplegia, Spina Bifida, Liver Transplant (post), Fanconi’s Anemia, Brain Injury/Head Trauma, Stroke, Glycogen Storage Disease, Gaucher Disease, Kidney Transplant, Multiple Genetic Disorders, Heart Transplant (pre and post), Cystic Fibrosis.

Please complete the application form

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