On October 16, Rachel, a long time “Courager” got to go with her counselor to the Selena Gomez concert at Barclay Center courtesy of Sharing Seats, Mike Dube of Dubezone and Kids of Courage!

As has been the mission of Kids of Courage from day one, we try and make dreams happen every day. With those dreams comes life. Mike Dube, a wonderfully generous individual and father was introduced to KOC by our dedicated super volunteer Tali Dennis to see if we had any “Couragers” interested in seeing Selena Gomez in live concert! Sharing Seats, a wonderful group that donates seats to concerts, sporting events, donated the tickets and other fun activities for use by those in need.

Dr. D contacted Rachel who could hardly control her excitement, as she never envisioned being able to experience a live Selena Gomez concert, especially in view of her disability. Her counselor Adina, picked her up and they spent the evening with throngs of screaming teens all there to see the former Disney star perform her greatest hits. Rachel was filled with emotion and excitement. Going to a concert with a friend is something every teen yearns to do. Having to get there when you ambulate in a wheelchair makes it all the more special and emotional. Kids of Courage is all about just being a regular kid, teen or young adult.

When great philanthropists like Mike Dube, Tali Dennis and Sharing Seats assist our kids, they are changing lives forever. No matter what happens in the near future, Rachel was able to go to school the following day and share her pictures and excitement with her friends and family. For Rachel, life was really great that day. If we can get enough people to appreciate these simple gestures that every kid deserves, there would be no need for organizations. There are so many good people out there looking to help. They just need to find each other and make dreams happen.

Kids of Courage works cooperatively with so many of those organizations and individuals but there is always need for more. Thank you Mike Dube! Thank you Tali Dennis! Thank you Sharing Seats! Thank you Rachel and Adina for enjoying those seats so much!

Let’s keep on living and loving!

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