The Kids of Courage article in the 5 Towns Jewish Times (issued 27 February 2009) highlighted several elements of the west coast trip, including the mission of Kids of Courage, the dedication of the entire staff, and, particularly, the vision and expert planning of a few special individuals who made it all happen. The article was a good start, but, as a witness, all that was written was an understatement of reality. Having delivered my son Itzy to the Kids of Courage staff that late Sunday afternoon, I was able to witness the mission, the dedication and the results of expert planning. I also witnessed the response from the guests of honor – the kids of courage. What I saw was quite indescribable. (I mentioned to Howie that I was watching the group dynamics and Sunday program with my mouth open in awe. He said before I leave I should put some food in my open mouth). Mind you I only caught a glimpse of that special week as I was just there to deliver my son. However, I did get quite an earful from my Itzy. In fact, he is still talking about the trip, and I would predict he will continue to go on and on about the events, the gifts, and, mostly, about his time with the boys. This last item – his time with the boys – cannot be emphasized enough. The camaraderie was the hidden story, not mentioned in the article, but was probably more significant that the events and the toys. The Kids of Courage organization, leaders and staff, organizers and financial sponsors, should know they provided a vehicle for both tangible and hidden goodness that the trip provided. It was clear the planning and execution represented an enormous effort. I hope they realize how much success was achieved !

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